If you’re looking for…

Tuesday, January 14, 2020 10:36 AM | WBOC Admininistrator (Administrator)

2020 is here - which is perfect because our 1st program of the year was all about CLARITY -

Clarity on where to get support for our businesses right here in CNY!

Here’s the quick recap to help you get what YOU need this year!

If you’re looking for…

  • Free, confidential business counseling to help start & grow your business, then seek out the Small Business Development Center! The SBDC can point you in the right direction if you have questions, need funding, or are curious about MWBE certification! A big thank you to Joan Powers for sharing your experience & expertise!
  •  Connections with women from all over the region to expand your network and your marketplace, then check out Women Ties! Tracy Higgenbotham’s mission is to promote & publicize women in business to create strong economic relationships. Thank you, Tracy, for your commitment to helping women grow at any stage of their business!
  • Effective leadership development & training, then Gwen Webber McLeod of Gwen, Inc. is someone to connect with! Gwen says, “Whenever women gather, great things always happen” - that’s why her mission is to support women on the rise, developing leadership skills to achieve success! Gwen was a delightful & entertaining facilitator, helping us sort through these CNY resources - thank you, Gwen!
  • Encouraging support & collaboration from women at all stages of business, then WBOC is a fantastic resource for you. WBOC is designed for women who see the value of networking in the local area - to collaborate and grow a business together!  Thanks to WBOC President, Amy Doyle for your work in the organization and participation in the panel discussion!
  • Navigate the complex world of building a business, then get thee to WISE (Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship)! Director Meghan Florkowski is committed to creating an encouraging environment where women can learn the ropes & get started with unique programs built for the emerging entrepreneur! We so appreciate Meghan’s excitement & participation to share WISE’s mission.
  • Strategic networking & collaboration with & for minority entrepreneurs & business owners, then you MUST check out UMEA. Me’Shae Rollins, Interim Executive Director, brought her vast experience & knowledge to the room - explaining how UMEA provides huge value to its members by harnessing the economic power of minority business owners! Thank you Me’Shae for sharing your passion & expertise!

We encourage you to explore the resources available - and bring that friend or colleague with you who’s looking to grow her business too!

See you next month on Weds, Feb 5th when we’re discussing how to keep your business Cyber Secure - no matter what kind of business you own! Register here now -Cyber security... Should we be concerned? Informed? Yes!

Happy 2020!

Your WBOC Board

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