Three Women Entrepreneurs - Inspiring Stories

Wednesday, June 01, 2022 8:00 PM | Anne Notarthomas (Administrator)

Amy Doyle, Devan Robinson and Kathy Adams taking questions at the WBOC June Program

The Women Business Opportunities Connection June meeting is always inspiring. WBOC ends their program year with an Encouraging Entrepreneurs event. On Wednesday, June 1st,  three women shared their entrepreneurial journey.

Devan Robinson - Focus on Positivity

Devan Robinson is a military spouse who recently began her business, Developing with Devan, while her husband is stationed at Fort Drum. Devan shared how she used her own self-talk and challenges to help other women address their self-talk and challenges with focus and positivity.

Devan has authored a book entitled What’s Your Worth and I don’t mean money.

She hosted a Women’s Summit in 2021 and plans another in 2022. She encouraged women to celebrate their successes and be kind to themselves.

Amy Doyle - Stretching and Persistence

Amy Doyle shared her journey as a serial entrepreneur. Amy is naturally introverted and had to practice just speaking with new people.

After developing a successful financial services firm with her husband, Amy went to graduate school to begin a new career that reflected her interest in medicine and wellness. Now a certified functional nutritionist and owner of White Stone Wellness Functional Nutrition, Amy helps people sort through the confusion of labels and diets to move toward personal wellness. Recently, Amy has added medical writing to her portfolio.

She learned to stretch at every step of her career.

She reminded attendees that we need to move outside of our comfort zone in order to move to the next step in our careers and our lives. 

Kathy Adams - From Corporate to Boutique Consulting Environment

Kathy Adams did not begin Cognitif Consulting Group until later in her career. Her first graduate degree was in Training and Development, which positioned her to design and deliver learning systems in industrial settings and helped to improve the bottom line at multiple companies.

Kathy shared how her experiences working in traditionally male-dominated industries helped develop confidence in herself and her abilities.

Today, Kathy is a certified team and professional coach. Working in collaboration with other women entrepreneurs, she has finally realized her dream of working in a small, boutique consulting environment with like-minded colleagues.

She emphasized the value of organizations such as WISE and WBOC in building connections and sharing support with other women entrepreneurs.

Three different stories linked by one theme – women doing more than expected and doing it well. Do more. Expect more. You can do it!

This was originally posted in the WBOC blog.

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