October Meeting : Speed Networking
Speed Networking: Working Arm in Arm Towards the Success of Women in Business
October 01, 2014
4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
The Genesee Grande
1060 E Genesee St
Syracuse, NY 13210
$10.00 WBOC Monthly Program

$25.00 WBOC Monthly Program (Guest)

$1.00 Raffle Ticket - Buy online or at the Meeting


Continue our Program Year “Back to Basics: Business from Head to Toe” with…

 Speed Networking: Working Arm in Arm Towards the Success of Women in Business

 Speed networking is an excellent way to meet other business professionals in a short period of time.  You’ll be able to broaden the reach of your business, get to know other business owners and women in business, and find ways to connect and support each other.  Speed networking is fast-paced in nature which means you need to be prepared when you come in the door.  We put together this quick list of tips to ensure you maximize your time while networking with others. 

  1.        Come Prepared – There is minimal time for small talk during speed networking, as you have a pre-determined amount of time to meet with each person before moving onto the next one.  Prepare yourself by crafting a 30-second elevator speech that clearly delivers the message you want to communicate.  And don’t forget to bring your business cards!!
  2.       Be A Resource First – You will gain a lot more by exploring how you can be a resource for others to help them achieve their goals.  This approach allows you to establish trust/confidence from the other party and will open them up to sharing their resources and information with you.
  3.        Take Notes – Take as many notes as possible without altering your ability to have a conversation.  Scribble down important details from your conversation as it happens, ways that you can help the person across from you, who may be a good contact for them and which of your goals could be achieved from connecting with them.
  4.        Follow Up – The most important part of any networking event is to follow up with the contacts you met.  Good notes will make the follow up a much easier process, as you can draw upon information from your conversation to craft an email, give a phone call or schedule an in-person meeting.

 We’re excited to have Amy Kaschel facilitate our speed networking event this year!  This event will be worth every bit of your time to attend and network with fabulous women.  Make sure to reserve your spot today!

About our faciliator:

Currently, Amy Kaschel is the Regional Manager for Shopper Local/AdCart which is a National Marketing Company which is contracted with Supermarkets all over the country to manage their advertising on the shopping carts.  Amy manages a team of 6-8 sales representatives across New York State and Northern Pennsylvania. 

Prior to Shopper Local, Amy owned CNY Connects which was a networking organization with over ten local groups.  Each group would share ideas, pass leads and referrals to one another to grow and strengthen their own business and network.  Amy has also held workshops to teach business professionals how to gain referrals and grow their network.

Amy has a long history in advertising, telecommunications and printing sales and marketing.  She has successfully grown her business by working with others to gain knowledge of their businesses and help them by sharing qualified leads.



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