Realign Your Business Plan and Strengthen the Backbone of Your Business
November 2014 Monthly Program Meeting
November 05, 2014
4:30 PM - 6:15 PM
Pascales Italian Bistro at Drumlins
800 Nottingham Road
Syracuse, NY 13224
$10.00 WBOC Monthly Program

$25.00 WBOC Monthly Program (Guest)

$1.00 Raffle Ticket - Buy online or at the Meeting


Continue our Program Year “Back to Basics: Business from Head to Toe” with…

 November Workshop: Realign Your Business Plan and Strengthen the Backbone of Your Business

 A person’s backbone allows them to walk forward, to bend and be flexible while facing and responding to life.  As entrepreneurs, we are doing a lot of “independent walking” all the time to reach our goals.  The best strategy for entrepreneurs is to create purposefully and a business plan is an excellent tool to help us be more clear and specific in achieving that goal.  During this program, Michelle Howe of Empath Evolution, LLC, will lead us through the brainstorming process to update, expand and clarify each part of our business and transform these ideas into a One-Page Business Plan.  Together, we will re-visit each component as listed below: 

  • Your Offering
  • Your Customer
  • Your Product/Service
  • Your Marketing Strategies
  • Your Goals and Expectations
  • Your Challenges
  • Your Success


***As this will be an interactive program, please bring something sturdy to write on like a notepad or magazine.***

 About  Our Speaker:


Michelle J. Howe is a passionate intellectual and business professional. Michelle has extensive professional experience and knowledge as a certified public accountant, business plan coach, consultant and entrepreneurial trainer.  She also has vast experience developing and presenting training programs specifically supporting entrepreneurs and business owners.  Michelle has worked extensively with the WISE Women’s Business Center, the South Side Innovation Center, and other organizations. 

 Michelle’s entrepreneurial heart and mind have evolved most significantly in the last decade of her life.  She slowly transformed and re-directed her professional path beyond her traditional skills and abilities.   In this time and beyond her logical mind, Michelle became consciously aware of her Self as an Empath, Healer, Intuitive and more.  The new concepts she embraced have wonderfully transformed her world! 

 In June 2014, Michelle founded Empath Evolution to help others on a similar journey. Empath Evolution’s mission is to educate and guide Empaths with specialized programs, books and consulting services.  Through this business, Michelle is focused on providing specific guidance and insights for the Empath that is awake, aware and committed to walking their path of self-healing and transformation. 

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