January 2015 Meeting: Mindfulness and Yoga
Taking Care of your Core for a more Successful Business
January 07, 2015
4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
The Genesee Grande
1060 E Genesee St
Syracuse, NY 13210
$10.00 WBOC Monthly Program

$25.00 WBOC Monthly Program (Guest)

$1.00 Raffle Ticket - Buy online or at the Meeting


Join Dr. Pam Denton for an exciting new way to look at your business success from the core of your body.

  The Core of the body serves a multitude of functions to include strength, stamina, staying power and emotional processing.  When business and life are not being “processed” the core can become stagnant and backed up causing additional stress and negativity. By learning to take time to care for your core with simple daily exercises you can have amazing results of more energy, increased happiness, more fulfillment and financial abundance.

With a spin on Mindfulness and Yoga for your core power, Dr. Pam will teach you how to build a stronger creative core that can be used in your business to process stress, negativity and low energy.  The exercises and concepts presented are simple to apply, easy to implement in your daily life and will promote a happier and more prosperous business lifestyle!

About our speaker:

Dr. Pam Denton

Transformational Life Coach, Speaker, and Author

 After years of practicing transformational medicine and heart-centered healing, including Chiropractic, Yoga, Intuitive Life Coaching, Energy Medicine, Nutritional Counseling, and Integrative Health, Dr. Pam Denton began to unfold in her own 8 Step Transformational System and process for getting what you want out of life and business.  She now certifies coaches in the 8 step transformational journey and teaches powerful tools for transformation to leaders.

 As a Speaker and Author, Dr. Pam communicates on the “unspeakable topics,” concepts and ideas buried deep within our souls. She is a skilled, insightful and an amazing teacher who is passionate about transforming lives and loves to interact with her amazing leader/students to inspire and create greatness in others. Dr. Pam is a speaker who knows how to AMP up the energy of your group in an effective and productive way to create change using her sensational heart centered speaking and informative healing expertise that moves groups to the next level of consciousness. Her favorite topics are Sexuality, Money and Love. Pam is passionate about helping bring integrity back to these topics to create a safe foundation of inner purpose. She believes these three topics are the power we need to shift to greater human potential.

 Dr. Pam is the author of three books, Leadership Evolution, Be, Heal and Live as well as her newly released book, Love, Sex, Money. She hosts a weekly radio show, “Heart and Soul Messages” that features guests and topics on transformation and heart-centered leadership.

 She has created a series of CD’s and programs to help people with their journey to empowerment and leadership.






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